Chinese mining pool F2Pool has released a statement officially signaling support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) for Bitcoin.

The post, released on Tuesday and translated by local crypto news resource cnLedger, says that the debate over a scaling solution has already “taken too long.”

“F2Pool always favors Segwit [and] Big Blocks,” the pool said. “Segwit can solve some technical problems and can bring some benefits.”

Non-Chinese demand

F2 additionally cited international - specifically non-Chinese - demand for SegWit as a reason for its going along with the consensus to activate it.

“We see the strong demand of scaling, and many foreign users are supporting Segwit. Therefore it's time we move on and activate Segwit first,” it continued.

Regarding alternative solutions such as increasing the block size, F2 did not dismiss the concept.

The post explained:

“Big blocks are also beneficial to the bitcoin network in the long run. However the reality is that we have not achieved Segwit [and] Big blocks up to now… we'll leave the big blocks for future discussions. We believe by that time, we will naturally arrive at a (good) result.”

F2’s decision comes as no surprise, with leading figure Wang Chun previously being vocal on Twitter about the need to go along with majority consensus with regards to SegWit implementation.

Having run a user poll on how to proceed, Chun announced on Friday that 56 percent SegWit support meant that implementation for both Bitcoin and Litecoin would occur “soon.”