Continuing the series of publications about new services and vendors accepting bitcoins as payment currency a very specific retailer should be mentioned – a mobile truck offering grilled cheese in Seattle.

Do not look on mobile food trucks as on something archaic – they relieve their second birth in the modern digital and high-speed century. Currently GPS and social network allow to follow and monitor all the vendors from Your neighborhood and even all around the world. Customers have the ability to easy access their favorite kitchens and cooks, or try something new without taking a long way to the restaurant or even another country.

A great example of everything said above and main principles of crypto currency – free, modern, and progressive – can be proven by Cheese Wizards a duo consisting of two brothers Bo and Tom Saxbe and their yellow truck. Brothers offer a fantastic menu to the customers – from Harry Potter and Stars Wars based dishes till gamer inspired burgers.

They have not thought that the process of use might be that easy. They have put a sign on the window that they accept bitcoins as payment and people coming to their truck have offered them to pay electronically. For the few days of the use of the bitcoin wallet the statistics say that about 2-3 payments enter the wallet of the brothers during their working hours. It would be interesting to follow the statistics for a longer time to make some conclusions on the use of bitcoins for food and food services. The summing up of the experience might be interesting for other small and middle businesses.

In the future they plan to exchange the homemade sign featuring the writing about bitcoin acceptation. Some news they have already launched in their Twitter account. Firstly they thought that not only use, but also the setting up of a bitcoin account would be full of unnecessary complications and hurdles. It took them some time just because they were not ready for such a simple registration and verification.

The CEO of the crypto currency exchange service CoinMKT Travis Skweres thinks that bitcoin and other coins have many advantages especially for small business as the Cheese Wizards. Such currency use reduces the level of risks. One of the main risks are considered the return and back charge of payments. In case of food or cafes it is impossible and cannot be tolerated when vendors stay unpaid.

Both Skweres and Saxbe brothers intend that the use of crypto currency protect the identity and the right of personality more than any other form of currency. Making a payment stays and can be kept anonymous. No one can track and follow deals You make if You do not want it otherwise.

It is interesting to get to know what the community – both crypto currency users and people without digital wallets think of such an opportunity to pay for food with digital coins. What such development might mean for the whole system?