A Bitcoin conference “for the whole family” at Disney World Florida will play host to a one-of-a-kind event on October 5 – the world’s first blockchain marriage.

As part of the range of governance services offered by startup Bitnation, Coins in the Kingdom will see Redboxjewels.com CEO and Bitnation advisor David Mondrus tie the knot with fiancée Joyce Bayo. In so doing, the act will be recorded forever within the blockchain.

“We believe that like the blockchain, our love and marriage are forever and that our relationship is not defined by governments or the church.  So enshrining our commitment to each other in the blockchain in front of our friends is very dear to us,” Mondrus explained in a press release issued Monday.

The wedding is due to take place at 10.30am EST during the Bitnation panel at Coins in the Kingdom, and entered into the blockchain courtesy of ATM provider CoinOutlet.

“CoinOutlet is delighted to be the provider of services for the first ‘Blockchain Marriage,’” the press release continues.

Blockchain technology lends itself well to matters of public record in all formats. Bitnation is one such implementation of its potential, which potentially includes anything from wills to land deeds to business contracts. 

“The ecosystem of secure identities, multiple contracts, and asset management makes it ideal for marriage – because it means a couple can tie their wedding contract to a shared savings account – a Bitcoin wallet – to a childcare contract, a land deed, or other relevant thing for a secure future together,” Bitnation further notes.

With history about to be made, the couple certainly has a lot to live up to. With the blockchain explorer at their fingertips, however, it will be easier than ever for them, or indeed anyone, to go back in time and remind themselves of their eternal pledge to one another. 

“It's beautiful to see a marriage happening on the blockchain,” Bitnation’s Suzanne Tarkowski Tempelhof commented to Cointelegraph via email. 

“Besides the obvious fact that there's no reasons why a government should have anything to do with marriage in the first place – this function will be revolutionary for all the people who can't get married through the government even if they wanted to – like the HBTQ and Polyamouros communities in many parts of the world.”

More information on the Coins in the Kingdom conference can meanwhile be found here.

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