For those who are new in the field of bitcoin, and especially bitcoin trading, is necessary to say that the crypto currency is not just a great payment method and investment opportunity, but also a way to earn some money taking part in trades and deals considering the fluctuations of the bitcoin exchange rate.

ForexMinute is a great resource of valuable information for those who are just going to launch their work in the sphere, as well as for people, who have long time ago passed the intermediate level and are advanced brokers. It offers many articles and tutorials that are highly valued among the regular users. All news published are up to date and the statistics help to analyze the market.

What is ForexMinute? It is the most up to date portal featuring all kind of information of trade and digital finance. The key point of it is bitcoin as well as other Forex activities that are widely known. Users value this resource also for its precision and trustworthy information. If a service or trading platform is positively reviewed on this page it means that a user can rely on it. The reviewed companies also offer to their readers some kinds of pleasant things like discounts, bonuses, special features and much kind of options. Knowing that the Global Web is place where any well prepared specialist might get lost with no guidance and supervision. It is hard to tell whether a service is consistent and will not suddenly disappear on the next day. ForexMinute is ready to give advice on such matters.

The CEO of the website, Jonathan Millet says that extra difficulties arise because not all brokers on the web offer trades with bitcoin. Among the ones that do so is hard to find a reliable one. ForexMinute features avaTrade, SetOption, ZoomTrader, and some other as the one that can be offered to the wide public with no regret afterwards.

Among users and their reviews AvaTrade occupies the first place, and leaves behind other competitors with a huge distance. It is not just user friendly, but generally simple and fast to use. Not much has to be learned to launch work. The second is SetOption, offering many different types of trade, including many fiat currencies beside crypto money.

Observing the general tendency of the market can be concluded that the amount of traders has also grown during the past weeks. The positive activities in the field of bitcoin led to the price increase of a BTC. The experts see that the trend is going to continue for the next months for sure. The price might beat a thousand dollars not only in China on BTC China exchange service, but in other countries as well.