GuestLeader is going to become the world's first and only Bitcoin compatible booking engine.

Once again this is good news for people who like to travel and want to pay using bitcoins for hotel booking.

The range of hotels that now accept Bitcoin payment is growing fast. Moreover, a couple of days ago we have posted information that Bitcoin community succeed by taking a chance to convince one of the hotels booking agency to accept bitcoins for their services.

For the hotels that don’t participate in digital currency movement yet, the GuestLeader is a servise to turn to.

Recently Revpar Guru Company has partnered with BitPay to help both hotels and Bitcoin users and launched this new project.

If the selected hotel doesn’t accept bitcoins but a client wants to pay using Bitcoin for the hotel services – digital currency from the customer will be automatically converted to cash and deposited into the hotel's bank account.

Revpar Guru is a Miami start-up that works to help hotels in determination prices and revenue maximization. The company was launched by Bruno Perez and Jeans Francois Mourier in January 2008 by having only three hotels as clients. Now they aim to reach new levels by adopting Bitcoin.