The entertainment industry rarely sees a dull moment when it comes to disputes over the ownership of intellectual property or creative rifts between big networks and showrunners. A tiny number of studios and networks own the majority of rights, leading to the mass production of films and TV shows that somehow feel the same. Web3 aims to change that by giving the power back to content creators and fans.

“In Hollywood, there’s a formula,” explained Jason Neubauer, the founder and CEO of Affect Change. “People have their own agendas. I wanted to create stories that are authentic, and inspire others to become the best version of themselves.”

Neubauer said that, before the Web3 era, producing a TV show would require signing a deal with big networks, which involves a lot of compromises on the creators’ end. Mimicking a network executive, he revealed the mindset of big networks: “We want you to sign the biggest influencer. We’re going to give you money. We’re going to use all our own people.”

Neubauer continued: “You’re pretty much handing over the authenticity of your show. That’s just not what Affect Change is about. To me, creating change is not always about the guy with 10 million followers. It’s about the people, who are actually making a difference in the world.”


With Affect Change, a series of in-depth shows that focus on thought leaders and influencers who are solving problems impacting the communities around them, Neubauer seeks to tell organic stories of real changemakers. “As the paradigm shift puts the power back to creators, we want to offer our community the opportunity to participate in the real-world impact the show creates,” he said.

Web3 enables creative freedom for showrunners

As Web3 enables content to be directly empowered by the community and fans, shows like Affect Change no longer need to depend on big networks and compromise their storytelling and creativity.

To meet and get support from a like-minded community, Affect Change partnered with SOLIS, a Polygon-based Web3 production ecosystem and digital collectible marketplace, to create a unique community experience for the changemakers and fans of the show.

SOLIS works intimately with content creators to develop participatory formulas to help creatives and audiences interact and share assets derived from films, TV shows and entertainment content. By listing related collections on the SOLIS Market to a content-focused audience, creators are able to develop revenue and financing while maintaining their creative freedom.

The audience owns a share of the content

Most NFT drops are unable to keep the hype and excitement around the collection after the launch, according to Neubauer. That’s why Affect Change aims to build momentum around the Founding Member Collection following its release.

Affect Change has collaborated with Miami-based artist Sergey “Do What You Love” Gordienko for the first drop of 222 NFTs with the “Butterfly Affect” theme. “It’s a perfect reflection of all of us coming out of our cocoon,” Neubauer explained. The first 222 NFTs are about people with higher consciousness who are trying to make an impact, according to the Affect Change founder.

​​Artist Sergey (left) and Affect Change’s founder Jason Neubauer (right)

Artist Sergey (left) and Affect Change’s founder Jason Neubauer (right)

To build momentum around the collection, Affect Change will announce each independently themed episode with two changemakers or influencers. This way, fans will be able to choose to participate in the whole series at the very beginning or have a piece of every episode along the way. “There will be a bunch of utilities along the way that will add more fun,” Neubauer added. “Ultimately, down the road, we want to be able to share the growth and the profit, and we want to do that legally in the right way and be transparent to the community, which is why we wanted to work with SOLIS.”

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