While there is a seemingly endless stream of advice in the fashion press and on social media, covering how to dress for almost any occasion, there has thus far been one very conspicuous omission.

How should the discerning Bitcoiner-about-town choose to attire themselves for a once-in-a four years halving event? Allow Cointelegraph to come to your assistance… Rekt-ified.

Celebrating the halving from head to toe

Let’s start by covering the extremities. No well-dressed halving head is complete without a hat. After all, even though it’s already May, let’s not rule out the possibility that a rogue breeze will arise to play havoc with your perfectly-coiffed halving-barnet. Of course, in the cryptocurrency world, your standard hat of choice (Brock Pierce notwithstanding) would have to be a baseball cap.

Why not go for the classic snapback design? Tastefully embroidered with a commemorative Bitcoin 2020 halving logo, and available in a choice of colors, including a delightful green camouflage version for those celebrating discreetly.

Head sorted... but no one wants their toes to get cold. Fortunately, these foot-warmers from MtSocks capture the full spirit of the halving, and some could even win a pair of those.

Finishing off the look

We here at Cointelegraph can ably clothe your torso in one of our unisex halving t-shirts, with a sci-fi themed illustration representing the event. Available in a choice of four colors and in sizes from Small to XXXLarge. Use the HODLERSDIGEST30 code to get a 30% discount at check out.

Finally, to store the Bitcoin while enjoying the halving event, Ballet has created a 24-carat gold-plated version of its cryptocurrency cold wallet. Just remember not to scratch off the gold plate when you want to get at the pass-phrase to cash out.

Now, looking as dapper as David Beckham’s cat, you can sit back and celebrate the halving, for example, watching Cointelegraph’s live coverage of the halving, safe in the knowledge that your sartorial health has never been better.