Frictionless Transaction: UK-based LubeStore’s BTC Success

If you thought Bitcoinacceptance was being spearheaded by the more ‘niche’ sections of the consumermarket, you may now think again.

Bitcoin acceptanceamong merchants is booming, and its potential as a marketing tool is beingrealized by an ever-increasing number of merchants. And while we’ve recentlycarried stories about escorts in Las Vegas, Bitcoin is now the domain of less ‘exotic’(but no less exciting) outfits in its bid to integrate into as many consumerdemographics as possible.

Enter UK-based LubeStore, anonline sex shop which this week announced on Reddit its intention to allow Bitcoin payments. Itsfounder, who told me they would prefer to keep their identity a secret in thetrue spirit of Bitcoin, was impressed by the reaction of Redditors to the newsespecially.

“We saw an awesome response on the r/Bitcoinsubreddit and it seemed like people took a real liking to us,” he said, “Wehad over 3000 unique visitors to our store in 2 days solely from Reddit and afew people bought some items.  All ofwhom used Bitcoin of course.”

“A real necessity”

Overnight successstories such as this are a noticeably far cry from the scenario of even justone year ago, when merchant infrastructure for cryptocurrencies wasconsiderably more lackluster. LubeStore, like others, can sense the changes inthe client base.

“One thing I love about the Bitcoin communityis that there is a large chunk of people who want to kickstart spending andstart using their coins,” itsf