Let’s Hook Up: Vegas and its Escorts Getting Down with Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s shadowy pastis mostly behind it, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its edge – especially notin Vegas.

The gambling capitalof the universe is rapidly opening up to the digital currency, with a directoryof Bitcoin-accepting locations now available. There are, however, some placeswhich are more ‘off the book’ to flash your wallet guilt-free in Sin City.

EnterBunniesOfLasVegas.com, the empire’s first Bitcoin-friendly escort agency.

Agency of our time

“Tech-savvy consumers are as into theirbitcoins as they are their Benjamins,” a statement on the website reads.

 A spokeswoman by the name of McKenzie told localnewspaper the Las Vegas Journal that clients’ needs are evolving and offeringnew technology to those in the know is an obvious step.

“I think it’s convenient for the client if youcan’t get cash,” she said, “especially if they’re tech-savvy.”

“They” may well becomevery receptive to the innovation in future, it would seem, as Bunnies does notaccept credit card payment or Google Wallet. Perhaps an unusual business model,the agency and its staff are in fact very much in-keeping with the times, theJournal notes.

“I eat a low-carb diet. I don’t drink anyalcohol. A lot of protein, a lot of vegetables, whole foods, nothingprocessed,” McKenziecontinues.

Bunnies’ Bitcoinadoption is more than a fashion statement, however. “Utilizing bitcoins for adult entertainment offers clients a degree ofanonymity exceeding even the use of cash for such transactions,” thewebsite explains. “Though the use ofbitcoins as currency is currently gaining momentum, Bunnies and bitcoins aimsto afford clients the option of this secure payment method.”

Neither McKenzie northe Bunnies website choose to disclose current rates for services, but theformer confirms her salary per year “iscloser to six figures,” meaning the sexier way to spend your excess Bitcoinwealth is set to be around for a while to come.

“Paying escorts accepting bitcoins is a viableoption for those with a wealth of bitcoins but no place fun to spend them,” Bunnies suggests, “What better way to use them than with a sultry Vegas escort acceptingbitcoins?”

Different but notnecessarily less exciting spending options in Vegas are hardly difficult tofind using the new directory, BitcoinsInVegas.com, which already lists aplethora of merchants from pizza to investment firms.

While hundred dollarbills may soon be thin on the ground, financial flexibility in town isexpanding like never before.