The FSP or the Free State Projects members are now allowed to pay for the rent using bitcoins. Still the possibility currently is offered by a single property management company in New Hampshire. It is the company Porcupine management. Its spokesperson Matthew Ping insists that they try to widen the spectrum of payment systems for the convenience of their customers and that the market research has proven bitcoins to be rather popular among their customers.

Reasons for such a choice are very simple and understandable – the system is very easy to use and the level of privacy is one of the highest. It can be called the leading choice of people involved in the FSP – project featuring political migration. Its goal is plain and simple, to move more than several dozen of thousands of people, or exactly at least 20 000, to a new location, also known as New Hampshire. The venue and the mentioned organization support libertarian ideas, which means, that this new region is created for a new united life of libertarians.

Every participant, who decided to move to the new place, signs a statement of intent. More than 70% from the necessary amount have signed this kind of contract, about 20% have already moved in.

The organization itself, represented by Ping, was introduced to bitcoins in the year 2011. They have considered the idea as rather interesting, but introduced it during the Liberty forum in the beginning of this year.

The FSP declares digital or alternative currencies as bitcoin very similar to the organization – independent and decentralized. The use is also very simple and automated. Rent payments are checked by Ping via his smartphone, as well as the payment can be completed by the users the same simple way.

Still the information on bitcoins is not enough to reach everyone. Still the fast development and spreading can be evaluated as positive. Ping sees no competition for bitcoins among alternative currencies, but understands that the tendencies might switch in time.

The company Rentalutions assisting tenants in collection of rent also welcomed bitcoins as one of the methods of successful payment. Since August several renters have used this option. The amount of them is not huge – Ryan Coon understands that the fees charged for these transactions are too big and have to be revised.

Observing the market of digital money, experts underline that the most users are located in industrial and highly-technological regions. The member of the organizers at the PorcFest Vanessa Vine describes bitcoins as very popular within the FSP. At this year’s 10th annual festival fee collection was done via credit cards and classic banking services. Some of the guests proposed to introduce bictoin payment solutions. The establishing of the necessary system took less than a day. More than 25% of the guests have used this option. Tickets were bought by bitcoins, several marketers and vendors accepted this currency.

Vine also insists that the festival enlarged the amount of users of bitcoins and told much about the system to the visitors. The economist and a well-known libertarian David Friedman also opened a digital wallet, and he was spotted exchanging physical currency to bitcoins.

Many other remarkable persons have entered this Festival. Erik Voorheas presented his companies. He had a panel discussion and told about his experience of New Hampshire.

Overall Vine and other FSP representatives value this company of bitcoin use as a success and forecast the creation of a community using this digital currency as the basic payment method in their society.