It seems like the whole world is creating NFTs. However, for every successful launch, there is a project suffering from technical difficulties, website crashes and an imminent flop. For creators, this warning illustrates how crucial it is to carefully consider each of the steps in the NFT lifecycle before launching a new project. Perhaps, the most crucial is the decision of which marketplace to use and the contents of the smart contract itself.

Consider that at the time of minting, creators must think about the maximum mint amount, royalties, the location your NFTs will live on (on- or off-chain), the built-in features including randomness, rarity and voting rights, and any other utility that might be built into your creation. Although not all of these features are fixed at minting, it is crucial that creators set the boundaries from the start. Unfortunately, for those launching their first project, this sheer list of considerations can be overwhelming.

To support creators through the entire NFT lifecycle, NFT2Metaverse (N2M) is emerging as a metaverse marketplace with services that touch each of the steps in the process. Here, designers will be given a chance to design and sell their originals in the digital realm. However, rather than requiring users to set up smart contracts, mint their assets or figure out where they will be placed for sale, users only need to focus on creating high-quality artwork as the NFT2Metaverse does the heavy lifting.

Through these efforts, NFT2Metaverse has made it their aim to transform world-class artwork from being something owned by the elite to an item accessible to everyone.

As part of its plans to achieve this, NFT2Metaverse is currently working alongside partners including,,, NFTevening,,, and, in an effort to attract more designers into its platform and accomplish its goal of being the marketplace of the metaverse.

Amazon, but for NFTs

Modeled after platforms like Amazon and eBay, NFT2Metaverse will be built for designers, following a similar state-of-the-art user experience. Users can set up their wallets using N2M's exclusive services, with functionality to add their NFTs, list items for sale and later browse through offerings with a dedicated search option.

The platform is releasing limited edition NFTs that will give holders priority access to the platform in preparation for the launch. The collection consists of 9,999 programmatically generated 3D avatars, each with its own distinctive features, with 5999 NFTs offered in the presale on June, 10th, 2022. By participating in this release, "early investors got a chance of buying them for 0.15 ETH on the presale."

At present, the private sale is sold out. To participate further, users are encouraged to take available spots in the remaining whitelist, through which users can get priority access to future mints and sales.

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By participating in this sale, users can benefit from the more extensive components of the metaverse, including holder rewards, where a portion of profits (40%) of NFT sales will be distributed to the owners themselves. 

Long-term plans put into play

The NFT2Metaverse project successfully sold 1900 NFTs in their private sale on May 21, 2022.

Although the platform is still in its early stages, several long-term plans are at play in the marketplace's continuous evolution. The team has announced a new NFT collection with two handmade ultra rare characters, community building, and advanced marketing.

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