Gavin Andresen has voiced his direct support for Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) as the solution to the network’s capacity problems.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the former Bitcoin Core developer and Bitcoin Foundation founder described BU as “a viable, practical solution to destructive transaction congestion.”

He added that Segregated Witness technology was “too little,” offering a block size increase of only two megabytes, which “would get hit before wallets and users adopt.”

Andresen has frequently advocated BU as Bitcoin’s next best move, having criticized Bitcoin Core for not putting users’ needs first.

Earlier this month, he defended a BU node losing 13.2 BTC (worth at the time around $12,000) due to a bug. In a Twitter response, he implied Core’s reaction to the event was out of proportion and they should concentrate on reducing current transaction fees.

The uncertainty over how to resolve the issues facing the Bitcoin network shows no sign of abating, as commentators from throughout the industry continually add their thoughts to what has become a melting pot of opinion.

Bitcoin’s price and trading volumes nonetheless appear to be unaffected by considerations of the future meanwhile, with all-time highs sustained for a second consecutive day.