GBA Best Practice Track at the Bitcoin Expo Toronto

The Global Bitcoin Alliance will organise a “Best Practice” track at the Bitcoin Expo in Toronto on Saturday, April 12, 2014. It will consist of three talks aimed at the general public and a round table meeting, which is targeted at people who want to set up non-profit organisations, organise meetups or create public Bitcoin spaces themselves. The goal of this track is the same as the general goal of the GBA: to enable Bitcoin activists to learn from each other.


This is the schedule:

Saturday, April 12

1:30 pm: Ron Gross (Israeli Bitcoin Association):

Bitcoin in Israel - with a special focus on how to grow a meetup from 3 to 300 people


1:50 pm: Anthony Di Iorio (Bitcoin Alliance of Canada):


How to build up a non-profit organisation in an inclusive and transparent manner


2:10 pm Jillian Friedman (Bitcoin Embassy Montreal):


How to create and maintain a Bitcoin space in the brick-and-mortar world