While China has been making the Bitcoin headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, the Global Bitcoin Summit (GBS) 2014 in Beijing should help to reverse investor fears. China has been a vital part of the Bitcoin world since the digital currency’s inception. Recently though news about Bitcoin in China has been hovering around the recent crackdown of by the People’s Bank of China, although a few silver linings poke through every once in a while. This weekend, a lot of these situations and more will be addressed at the Global Bitcoin Summit 2014 (GBS) in Beijing.

The summit appears as the first global Bitcoin conference in China, despite the massive amount of digital currency trading going on in the country. The Global Bitcoin Summit is divided up into eight tracks:

• Trading Platform
• Security System
• Laws and Regulation
• Bitcoin Payments
• Development Trend
• Related Applications
• Innovative Crypto-Currency

The event will feature many keynote speakers, including Global Bitcoin Alliance General Secretary Aaron Koenig, Bitcoin Magazine Co-founder Vitalik Buterin, BTC Founder Bobby Lee, and many others. The speakers will “shed light on Bitcoin’s future trends in China and abroad, explore how to consolidate or expand existing business, and discuss how to initiate new Bitcoin business.”

The Summit is brought together by bitfund.pe and UBM China. Li Xialo, who is president of GBS and founder of bitfund.pe, said of the summit’s goal:

“Within one-year’s time, there have been a number of Bitcoin teams that have come to the fore and are driving this industry both in China and abroad. GBS aims to showcase the latest news and innovations in the Bitcoin world and to let the world learn about the development of Bitcoin in the Chinese market.”

The Global Bitcoin Summit 2014 will be held on May 10-11 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Early bird tickets have come and gone. VIP tickets are being sold for US$1,135 while All Access Passes go for US$635.

Complete information about the summit can be found here: www.globalbtcsummit.com/en/index.php