Digital currency is no longer just for IT developers and progressive merchants. People in the arts and showbusiness more and more often are choosing it both as a tool in everyday life and to promote their works and albums sales. 

The first moves to accept bitcoins by celebrities were made in the end of 2013 when Snoop Dogg and Mel B wanted to accept Bitcoin payments for their singles. 
Carolyn Malachi is the first known recording artist who accepts Bitcoin payments for her music and is also a great digital currency activist. She uses the Coinbase digital wallet to accept Bitcoin for music sales. 
Malachi is formidable Jazz, soul, hip-hop and R&B singer and songwriter. Moreover, she garnered a Grammy award nomination for Best Urban/Alternative performance in 2011for the single “Orion” from the album “Lions, Fires & Squares”. 
Bitcoin connects to the idea of music 
Carolyn Malachi was destined to choose musical career – she was surrounded by great jazz music since childhood. She decided to follow in the footsteps of great-grandfather John Malachi, the famous jazz pianist. 
In the interview to MadameNoire Malachi explained that she first heard about Bitcoin on Bloomberg, and later began using Bitcoin herself: 
“I began accepting Bitcoin for music sales in October 2013. Because no bank or government regulates the cryptocurrency, I can sell my CDs to people who live in countries where traditional forms of payment are not accepted. When I see that songs like ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and ‘Free Your Mind’ have reached people around the world, in physical CD format, I smile.” 
Malachi and her band recently participated in the world's first concert exclusively accepting Bitcoin which took place during Texas Bitcoin Conference 2014. 
“Bitcoin connects to the idea of music, because music is about freedom and when musicians play, we feel free, and it’s an invitation to the audience to participate in that freedom,” said Malachi
You can now buy albums and pay with bitcoins and enjoy a magnificent voice and talent in Carolyn Malachi.