Earlier this day our news platform has already written about a great possibility to extract Bitcoins without humiliating the nature. The environmental friendly method includes ordinary mining equipment and a country with a great ratio of non-standard energy sources in the energy balance. In this case British former programmer Emmanuel Abiodun has established a center of powerful computers in Iceland, the country of geothermal electricity and natural cooling of machinery. As the biggest challenge of the future for cryptocurrencies and their production is the price for energy, imagine You can establish a similar profitable site at home.

On the 20th December the SolarMiner USB2 was presented to the society. It is a small package gaining power from sunlight to mine both Bitcoin and Litecoin. It features 16 USB 2.0 ports that are connected to Raspberry Pi B, 4GB SSD, three monocrystalline solar panels providing 60,000mAh, an Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi dongle. It is compatible with the most ASIC and FPGA devices and the list can be continued as the manufacturers are not sure that they have all the information on these types of units.

The speed of mining depends on the equipment that is fed from this, simply said, adapter. 14 sockets should be utilized by the mining devices, but the last 2 are necessary for the cooling equipment. If BlueFury/RedFury 2.7GH/s USB miners are connected to the unit, the mining productivity might reach 37GH/s. In case the sunlight is missing or unavailable due to other reasons the adapter can borrow electricity from the network, but the user should remember that continuity of the process will have its particular cost.

There is still no personal homepage of the idea launched, but all questions and orders can be made via email press@solarminer.com. The manufacturing is done in Ottawa, Canada and the developers are sure to be unique in their branch. It is definitely the first PV unit able to converse photons of light in electrons, the flows of electrons into stable current, the current in solving of mathematical tasks, but the correct solutions in Bitcoin – real money that can be exchanged to goods and services. It can be stated that the sun is the source of a fortune. The company positions their task as making of mining affordable and green, leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment and producing no harm at all.

To change the world together with the inventors costs some money as well. The unit is priced as $899.95 USD without tax, but the first interested will be provided with a 100 dollar discount. The orders can be made already in the upcoming January and payments made by PayPal or credit card. It is very surprising that the company does not accept Bitcoin being the activists of the cryptocurrency. More news on the topic and possible launch of the page will definitely follow on our resource.