Hashing24 is a company which offers highly technological turnkey solutions for easy Bitcoin cloud mining. Hashing24 leverages partnerships with leading producers of Bitcoin mining equipment and its own IT talent, in order to build an industrial-grade infrastructure for a regular end user to enjoy.

How it works

Mining Bitcoin has long become a highly centralized affair, almost inaccessible to regular people. In order to mine competitively, one needs to make tremendous investments in the hardware and software infrastructure. Small-scale mining operations, which have fueled the Bitcoin network in the very beginning, are becoming a thing of the past.

However, Hashing24 has a way to make Bitcoin mining available to regular people once again. First of all, the company has secured a steady supply of high-quality Bitcoin mining equipment through partnerships with top producers in the industry, such as BitFury. Secondly, Hashing24 has leveraged the extensive experience of its IT team to build high-tech industrial-grade Bitcoin mining farms in regions of the world with some of the lowest electricity costs.

This allows them to remain highly competitive by saving resources in one place, and delivering high results where it matters. But Hashing24 didn’t develop those economies of scale for itself. In fact, the company allows the end users to rent portions of its mining power, thus finally letting them to engage in Bitcoin mining at an affordable rate, and without having to worry about maintaining the actual operations.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of the idea behind Hashing24:

The company

The team of Hashing24 has been engaged in the business of Bitcoin cloud mining since 2012. They have extensive knowledge of all the aspects of the industry, including hardware, software, and financials.

Hashing24 also has several representative physical offices in the United Kingdom, Thailand and Ukraine. More info about the team and the exact addresses of the offices can be found on this page.


The pricing system of Hashing24 is incredibly simple: you can choose exactly how many lots of mining power you want to buy. Each lot represents 1,000 GH/s and costs 0.125 bitcoins (about $90 as of November 2016). After selecting the desired amount of mining power, you simply finish the purchase of your contract by using either bitcoins or bank wire.

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Cointelegraph: This is a question we have to ask every cloud mining provider we review: how do you ensure that Hashing24 stands out in the highly saturated market of cloud mining companies?

Hashing24: Hashing24 offers hashpower from real data centers. All client's orders are confirmed by real industrial mining equipment. This becomes a critical advantage in a market full of illegitimate schemes with no hashing power to back their contracts.

CT: Tell us about your team, and their experiences prior to Hashing24.

H24: Our team has been involved in cloud mining business since 2012. We’ve launched the Hashing24 project in 2016 after becoming partners with BitFury as our primary supplier of mining power.

CT: Do you plan to add options for cloud mining of any cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?

H24: We are always open for partnership with real data centers. If somebody has working mining capacities of not less than 10 PH/s and can guarantee our customers stable payouts and compensation for downtime, we are ready to cooperate with such mining data centers.

CT: How is the market of cloud mining looking right now? Are you seeing signs of growth? Is Hasing24 going to expand its operations in the future?

H24: Cloud mining market is very interesting for investments. Of course there are some risks of exchange rate fluctuations, security. But we believe it will grow due to the nature of Blockchain technology, its decentralization, and coins mined using such technology.