Many people like the idea of Bitcoin, but find there aren’t enough things to spend it on, as many merchants and businesses don’t take it directly. Purportedly, there is a new cure for the common cold response to Bitcoin called Fallen Angels. The London-based, high-class escort service has made it known that they accept Bitcoin for those living or traveling into the United Kingdom.

The chinese connection

The payment for an “elite travel courtesan” with a digital currency actually makes a lot of sense, in practical terms, for both sides. While not totally anonymous, it is a very discreet payment method. It is generally an appreciating asset if the recipient holds it for the long-term. Plus, it leaves no paper trail for the Mrs. to discover in a bank statement.

Former courtesan “Miss Silvia” has been lighting up Reddit with her recent post and ability to answer questions about the company’s … services. Their website seems fairly new, as does their Twitter account, which started on October 7. She claims the method of digital currency payment was revealed to them by a traveling Chinese client about a year ago, and they have been studying the concept ever since.

A Fallen Angels blog post explains on the subject of payment options:

“Many new Fallen Angel clients wonder how they can pay for the services of their high-class London escort in a discrete manner. We recommend bitcoin, because when compared to other methods of payment, it is anonymous and easy to use. Bitcoin is the ideal method of payment for those exchanging services internationally. This includes the services of our elite travel girls and high-class London escorts.”

Creating a membership will reveal some basic rate sheet information, so I took the liberty of becoming a free member. Below is an example rate sheet, which is attached to a gallery for the woman indicated. Most go by one pseudonym like “Coco,” but some are more abstract, using monikers like “Red Angel.”

The response on Reddit was somewhat intense, especially given the male-heavy ownership of Bitcoin in general - so much so that the site crashed Thursday evening due to the responses from the mega-site. When asked about rate information, Miss Silvia didn’t bat an eye at the 1,000 sterling per hour rates, or 5.92 BTC. London is a large city with a copious amount of wealth to be had, and shared, so they don’t seem to be having any problem with pricing the market at the high-end.

“There are nearly 300k millionaires in London. And billions spent in the luxury sector by visiting foreigners. The demand for elite escorts outweighs supply,” says Miss Silvia, in response to how can these high rates be justified. “We advertise companionship only. Rest is the choice of the matter between the consenting adults. :)”

Cointelegraph will look to do a future in-depth interview with “Miss Silvia” about Fallen Angels’ dalliances with the world of digital currencies.