Hello friends, loved ones and everyone who helped me fund my one-way flight ticket so I could participate in the first Dream Bitcoin seminar in Ghana, Kumasi.

My name is Mustapha Cole. I am the co-founder of the Sierra Leone Liberty Group, an organization that helps young people learn about entrepreneurship, the free market and how to achieve economic independence. Additionally, I am also working hard to secure funding to fight the deadly Ebola virus that, as you all know, has been ravishing the region.

The seminar was a tremendous success and everyone learned a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I’m very proud to have participated in this seminar, as my country is still caught up in the serious and deadly Ebola outbreak. I often speak to university students and other people in my country, informing them about the real threat of Ebola.

I would like to thank the organizer of the Dream Bitcoin Foundation for their marvelous work and donations, as well as other supporters such as Cointelegraph, 37coins, Coinapult, Bitnation, and everyone else who attended the event. As I return to my country, Sierra Leone, I am taking back with me valuable experience and a certificate that I received at the event. With these tools, I would like to open up a similar program in my home country.

In addition, I would also like to set up an advocacy campaign to fight the Ebola virus across four villages and the main city, going door to door with an Android phone, teaching people how to accept bitcoins and how to set up their own wallets. This way, they will be able to not only receive donations and money from their relatives and friends who live abroad, but also control their own finances without any third-party fees or government restrictions. 

Our official website description for this Ebola prevention programs explains:

“There will be specific projects, such as the Ebola prevention project, where specific supplies, such as soap, disinfectant, and so on will be needed. But many of the things most people in the Western world take for granted are not available. Private vehicles are not in ready supply, so transportation to remote areas for training by SLLG members is expensive. Getting books, handouts, and effective materials into the hands of the people is costly. Even the shipping of donated items to Africa is a significant expense. The members of the group are volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference, but they are also lacking in personal resources. The most effective way to help is thus to donate to the organization.”

The entire cost of this one-week advocacy campaign is US$3,000, which will also cover teaching costs for my NGO team, so they can show people how to use Splash Mobile Money to convert bitcoins to local currency.

Where can people send supplies and donations?

With this money, I will be able to return home, implement my goals, as well as buy medicine and share it with the people who need it in my country. I thank you again for the knowledge I now possess, and may God bless you all. If you wish to donate, here is my bitcoin address: 1361s9bsamP7reoc17aYjSWuXEy4tZJXKV

The final date for donations is January 15, 2015.

Monetary donations can be made through Atlas, Paypal, or with Bitcoin. Donations of physical goods may ultimately be a possibility, but at this point, it is not a practical solution to most problems.