The Bitcoin wallet Hive is no longer being actively developed. In fact, the creator says that the wallet hasn't had much development in "over a year." Users are told by the wallet’s founder to move their active seeds over to a compatible wallet provider such as Bread Wallet or Mycelium.

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis:

We're out of operating capital and have been for quite a while, so no one has really been working on Hive for over a year. By that measure, Hive certainly failed as a company, though there is a glimmer of hope."

Davis added that he's sorry he didn't inform people earlier. The first issue brought to the public via r/bitcoin forums was by a user having trouble logging in to his wallet. The user then went to Hives webpage, which he describes as acting somewhat quirky, but still operating as Hives servers are still live.

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis

He contacted the creator and was told that the wallet was not being developed after being able to fix the situation himself. Additionally, this user was the first person to notify the public of Hive’s absence rather than the service itself. The creator assumed that people would actively check GitHub to see the lack of development.

"I apologize for the issues people have been having with Hive,” said Davis. “You're right, I should have more clearly announced the glacial development, but we can't actually reach all of our users, and we assume that everyone knows our GitHub URL"

By not being able to reach all users, Hive says that iOS wallet owners couldn't be notified by the service. Active development has ceased, he said, but also no one from the team works with OS X or Apple’s platform, so development of iOS support could not happen. The creator says that new patches were applied to the Android wallet recently to maintain operations by one of Hive’s development team members. "However, these changes have not been rolled into the iOS version, and no one over here who might touch it uses OS X for development anymore,” he added.

Hive users can follow specific instructions here on how to recover their bitcoins by using their seeds to integrate with other BIP-related wallet services while Hive servers are still functional. The company continues to apologize for not being able to contact all of its user base.

Some users were not happy despite the apology, however. While Hive asserts that these are the "consequences of a pro-privacy position,” and the service registration requires no user contact information whatsoever.

As many users have not been notified of the wallet’s lack of support, Cointelegraph readers are recommended to discontinue using Hive and move funds to another wallet as soon as possible. The provider is still listed on as a top wallet and probably should be removed off of its recommendation list. Hive states that the website will be updated soon and removed from Google Play and iTunes.