is the leading platform in cryptocurrency transactions, which committed  in providing professional, secure, trustworthy services for investors around the world.  

It gains support and trust from all users since the system has gone live. By the end of  February  2014,  daily  bitcoin  transaction  amount  has  exceeded  100,000  while  daily turnover was up to 400,000,000 CNY.   Daily peak amount and total turnover reached 380,000 and 1,500,000,000 CNY, which forged the historical record in the global bitcoin transactions. At present, is the largest platform of crytocurrency around the world and occupies more than 50% of the bitcoin market share. 

Company  located  in  Beijing  Zhongguancun  High-tech  Park.  The  core  members  are  mainly  graduated  from  China's  top-level  universities,  took  positions  in  E-commerce, internet  and  financial  companies,  who  have years  of  experiences  in  developing  and operating  network  markets.  had  already  been  widely  recognized  and accepted as the most professional cryptocurrency team around China. is committed in cryptocurrency transactions and relevant applications, based  on  professional  team  and  strong  influence  in  bitcoin  trading,  Huobi  has successfully financed by  ZhenFund (Note: ZhenFund is a seed fund founded in 2006 and focus on seed stage investment  which encouraging young people to access innovative entrepreneurship) and Angel investment from well-known speculator Zhikang Dai in the early days of launching.  


May 15, 2013--Bought top-level daomains(TLDs) of  

June 1, 2013--Established NPD(New Product Development) team

Aug 1, 2013--Launched online paper-trade and first bitcoin paper-trade competition

Sep 1, 2013--Launched online spot-trade platform 

Sep 10, 2013--Daily transaction amount reached 1 million CNY

Sep 20, 2013--Announced 0 trading & deposit fee for all huobi users 

Oct 19, 2013--Daily transaction amount reached 10 million CNY 

Nov 5, 2013--Financed by ZhenFund as well as "Angel  investment" from speculator Zhikang Dai

Nov 9, 2013--Daily transaction amount reached 100 million CNY 

Nov 19, 2013--Daily transaction amount reached 500 million CNY

Dec 18, 2013--Became world's No.1 bitcoin platform with largest transaction amount

Feb 25, 2014--Daily transaction amount reached 1 billion CNY 

Mar 19, 2014--Launched online litecoin transaction 

Mar 20, 2014--Daily transaction amount of litecoin reached 100 million CNY 

Apr 4, 2014--Financed by Sequoia A round of investment

Apr 9, 2014--Released English version for overseas users


Leon Li, the CEO as well as the founder of, graduated from Tsinghua University in master degree of automation engineering and served as Oracle staff in the early years. He has organized various internet projects since 2009, such as SNS community, vertical searching, crypto currency and other trading platforms including, the second largest group-buying search-site around China, which was launched in 2010 and widely acknowledged in the years followed.  

Ying Song, the CTO, graduated from Peking University in computer science engineering, took positions in Sina, Sohu and other well-known internet enterprises, also served as Technical Director in Neusoft owned  

Dylan Du, Co-founder and the CMO, served as Senior Product Manager in Tencent owned Comsenz Inc. Took positions such as Business Executive, Marketing Manager, Operations Supervisor as well as Product Manager in the early years. Focus on community products and marketing.  

Frank Hu, the CPO, served as Product Manager in Comsenz Inc. and Product Directer in Neusoft owned as well as Co-founder of in the early years. Focus on E-commerce operation and user experience improvement.