According to recent press-release the first HYPER Minecraft Server is now in open beta. Server Chaos is Moocrafts custom written HYPER RPG mod of Minecraft that should enable players to build their own empire and earn HYPER.

“Players earn HYPER by Killing Players & Monsters, Collecting Bounties placed by other users, becoming a mayor of a town or a king of a nation, and collecting taxes from their citizens, as well as completing daily quests and joining community events.”

Previously we have already written that HYPER has set up a Counterstrike server allowing players to earn HYPER for in-game activities too. Also HYPER has resurrected the cult MMO space strategy game Zandagort. It also plans to add an in-game galactic HYPER exchange and implement a galactic securities exchange.

The HYPER Minecraft server Chaos will allow players to start towns and mature them into prosperous cities. Players will have to seek the rarest items and work hard to join the ranks of the top players.

 Also developers assure that by participation in BETA, players may instantly get 5-10 HYPER once the BETA ends.

HYPER is a virtual currency that was developed as online game currency and can be traded for Bitcoin. It is hard to predict how successful HYPER will become but for now it offers 5% monthly proof of stake and is also currently colecting over 1000 votes per day to be added to MintPal - one of the highest volume and professional cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.