Another digital currency has popped out of the blue on 5th January. The name this time is UFO coin and looks like people behind it had fun melding the idea of their crypto; the message that was left on forum, by user UFO sounds like an annotation for a sci-fi novel:

Sometime in the future – possibly the very near future – the world will go about its business as usual. But at a remote observatory, a space anomaly is reported. Something unusual – and large – appears to be approaching Earth. Experts aren’t sure how to react. The first sighting alerts sky-watchers around the world… No one knows how it will happen, but leading scientists believe that some day we will make contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. We don't know when that will happen but we must ready.”

Thankfully, they also had a website mentioned as well as specifications. Speaking of the latter. It is faster than Bitcoin – time the block is meant to be generated is only 1.5 minutes comparing to 10 minutes for the Bit. Difficulty is being corrected every 960 blocks. So far so good, right? However, the block reward is 5000 UFO! Sounds like it should be over pretty quick but the maximum possible amount of UFO coins is claimed to be 4 billion.

Youngest cryptocurrency is based on the simplified Scrypt algorithm, something Litecoin is also known for. Being Proof-of-Work, Scrypt is responsible for the increased security of the thing. The greatest thing about it though, is that UFO coin was developed with a thought of high energy and cost efficiency, so it could mined on something that an average Joe could buy for his salary, unlike the commercial rigs that are essentially clusters of powerful high-end hardware designed exclusively for mining.

To gain these coins one could not only mine for them or exchange when they’ll become available, but also fulfill so-called bounties. The latter will probably be rewarded for people, who would make specific content expanding the comic-like aura surrounding new coins.

Cryptocommunity is readily responding to UFO. Miners everywhere are throwing their rigs on the trail of new coins, while it still real to dig some up.

Being a sci-fi fan myself, I do like the idea of the extraterrestrial-themed digital currency, definitely much closer to me then Doge, which also started absurdly, but gained weight in a matter of weeks. Developers of this crypto surely know how to get people invested. The humorous tone, the uniting message - these features only get them more points. Follow us following them, because we won’t let them out of our sight.