The state of Illinois, through the Illinois Blockchain Initiative, has partnered with Blockchain startup company Hashed Health. Through this partnership the state will pilot the use of Blockchain technology to streamline the process of issuing and tracking medical licenses.

License registry for Blockchain companies

Under the program, the partners aim to create a license registry and medical credential-sharing system running on a Blockchain, with smart contracts updating the information automatically.

The main objective is to establish a transparent and authentic chain of records for patients and health care provider networks.

Blockchain in Illinois

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is a first-of-its-kind consortium that is composed of private companies and five state agencies. The Blockchain Initiative aims to facilitate the innovative efforts by startup companies and eliminate the barriers for the government to build with Blockchain.

The initiative will focus on three key areas:

  • Creating a friendly regulatory environment for digital currency and Blockchain businesses;

  • Attracting Blockchain companies to set up offices in the state;

  • Developing Blockchain prototypes to be used by the state government.

Among the participating state agencies are the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the Department of Insurance (DOI), and the newly-created Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT).

According to Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Secretary Bryan Schneider, the support shown by various agencies on the initiative reflects the state’s commitment to integrate Blockchain in government operations.

"The fact that we've got all these agencies willing to come together and share best practices, share ideas, at some point share what they're hearing, I think is an incredibly powerful engine and shows the degree to which Illinois government is doing its best to break down those barriers."