We talk a great deal about how the large economic powers are reacting to Bitcoin and some of the efforts being carried out regionally to enhance Bitcoin awareness in major markets like the United States and China.

What we often miss however is how important smaller nations, especially countries with large tech presences, are to the success of Bitcoin. Bangladesh is an excellent example of this and the new Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh seems to be an excellent example of a great start on cryptocurrency education in the region.

The President of Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh is S M Monir Uz Zaman Sazeeb ,or Sazeeb to his friends. He is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and internet marketer as well as a singer, releasing his first solo album in 2009. He also holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering and has 10 years experience in Internet Marketing.

- Sazeeb - Kalo Megh

He also works as a motivational speaker and Bitcoin Bangladesh seems to have been imprinted with his enthusiastic spirit. Sazeeb’s dream is to not only bring this information to government and business groups so that they can see the advantages of cryptocurrencies but to the people as well.

Sazeeb told Cointelegraph via email:

“I have been a Bitcoin enthusiast for 3 years. I am the one who introduced Bitcoin to Bangladesh. I established this foundation to introduce Bitcoin to massive population of Bangladesh.

“I believe that Bitcoin and crypto-currencies per say, represent a practical way wealth can created and controlled by individuals. The wide acceptance of Bitcoin in Bangladesh will come about when Government and Business groups can understand and discuss their needs within the new Bitcoin economy.”

- Sazeeb himself

Bangladesh will be an interesting testing ground for Bitcoin. Because of the influence of India, Bangladesh has a very large tech community while at the same time suffering from a very large income disparity. However, there are no restrictive laws on cryptocurrencies in the country. The Foundation has three goals in Bangladesh: standardizing, protecting, and promoting Bitcoin.

But Sazeeb is not only involved in the newly formed foundation, and he is fully concentrating on spreading the word on Bitcoin to the general public. Here are some of his other projects he is currently working on:

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh is being advised by Roger Ver, an angel investor sometimes known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his active digital currency proselytizing. Hopefully, these efforts will help Bitcoin take root in Bangladesh as the newly formed organization believes that Bitcoin is a formidable instrument for overcoming income inequality by transferring the control of money back to the people.

Donate to Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh: 1QFZGpQWUXyacuenvoHxzQDzCQkvnbWA79

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