Bitcoin angel investor and Blockchain business developer Roger Ver has worked tirelessly for a few years to promote Bitcoin in the mainstream press, and a few narratives about him seem to have stuck.

He began accepting Bitcoin very early on at his site,, already a successful business. 
He made a fortune in early Bitcoin investments. 
His Bitcoin giveaways, including a 1,000 BTC donation to the Foundation for Economic Education, earned him the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.”
We had a chance to speak with Ver this week, and we took the opportunity to dig a little deeper to get his thoughts on the current realities of doing business in Bitcoin and what he thinks the future might hold for the currency.
Cointelegraph: Eric Bovim’s piece on you for Salon last month got boiled down in the headline to the idea that you fear for your life. How true is that statement? Do you feel there are specific threats against you or your freedom right now?
Roger Ver: I’m very upset with the way my statements were portrayed with that article. I discussed the philosophy of government with Eric. I explained that every government law is ultimately backed up with a death threat. Other than this, no one has been directly threatening my life. It is another example of media twisting the truth in search of sensationalist headlines.  Salon should be ashamed.