Bobby Lee is one of the most prominent members of the Bitcoin community and the co-founder and CEO of BTC China – the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange by volume in the post-MT. Gox world. Cointelegraph got a chance to interview Bobby Lee at Bitcoin 2014 Amsterdam to get his thoughts and expert opinion on the conference and Bitcoin’s outlook in China. Here are the questions we've asked: 

1. What are your goals for this conference? 

2. You mentioned in an interview last month that you are "not worried about things beyond your control". How is BTC China adjusting its business model in light of the PBOC's directives? 

3. Zhang Weiwu has analysed the situation as PBOC taking a tiny issue very seriously. If Bitcoin is such a small section of the Chinese economy, why do you think the Bank felt the need to reiterate its position and put pressure on exchangers? 

4. The major exchanges' decision not to appear at the Global Bitcoin Summit sends a clear message to the community that there is pressure in China. Do you consider there to be an opportunity in future to revive your presence and represent the Chinese Bitcoin scene? 

5. Some commentators have even expressed optimism that reduced Chinese influence will stabilize Bitcoin's price. How do you view the impact of China on Bitcoin's volatility? 

6. How do you view the future of Bitcoin in countries such as Hong Kong, which is seeing a Bitcoin boom despite government policy being extremely strict? Will China ultimately be at an economic disadvantage with its policy nevertheless?