Sadly, we live on a planet plagued by natural disasters, climate change and illness. In response to these worsening conditions, many non-government organizations and other all-around do-gooders have stepped up, seeking out opportunities to help improve the conditions prevalent in the world today. However, no matter how good one’s intentions are, these efforts only bring real change when brought together united, under one goal. 

Providing added complexity, the majority of charities today are facing declining donations among young people, not for the lack of willingness but for increasing skepticism about where donations are ending up. As donations become fewer, charities then struggle with underfunded programs that can’t address the issues they set out to. 

Now, more organizations than ever are looking to tokenization and the greater blockchain industry to help bridge this necessary gap. With blockchain, organizations can help improve efficiency, increase transparency, provide anonymity and provide other innovative opportunities for charities to leverage. 

One of the organizations leveraging the blockchain in their philanthropic efforts is CURE, a project dedicated to using the power of decentralized finance to help rid the world of cancer. By partnering with global research teams and learnings from the charitable sector, CURE aims to be the most successful charity token and completely revolutionize international healthcare as we know it.

Jacob Beckley, the Founder of CURE and Chairman of the Beckley Foundation, shares:

“I believe that by combining technology, innovation and good, we will have a huge impact on a dreadful issue that has touched most, if not all of our lives in some way.”

Building a better future

CURE token shares that by investing in childhood cancer research, people are investing in hope. Forty thousand children are diagnosed with cancer each year. By helping even a few of these, donors prolong lives and give children a chance to realize their potential and build a future that would otherwise not be possible.

Unlike all meme and charity projects, CURE Token operates with this mission first and its token second. This contrasts with other token projects that do these steps in reverse. CURE token is a Beckley Foundation that has already put in significant work in the battle against childhood cancers. 

The project operates with full transparency as crypto based on smart contracts that leverages the BEP-20 interface, which makes it both secure and immutable. One billion tokens are currently circulating in supply, with 372 million being burned to date through transaction tax and manual burns. 

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Jacob Beckley continues to operate this charity as purely philanthropic, without taking any personal gains. As a result, he shares, “since the Beckley Foundation first launched in 2016, it has managed to raise approximately 1 million dollars.” He goes on to share, “these funds have helped us make a significant impact in the research, support and ongoing awareness of pediatric cancers.”

The future is bigger 

Founders of CURE share, this mission is much bigger than anyone could imagine. Among their plans are CREATE, a pillar of the project that would help form the longer-term token utility, which can run parallel to the charity aspect, one day revolutionizing medical research and global healthcare on an unprecedented scale.

Additionally, options are being explored to create an entirely new blockchain dedicated to the agnostic system of organically growing lifetime patient health information. The CURE blockchain could theoretically cut through the red tape by allowing researchers to tap into anonymous information and mass data to expedite cures and other discoveries.

The team also looks into solutions for global healthcare access for those where affordability and geographical location prove challenging. The CURE token could then be traded or donated where they are most in need, providing professional healthcare to those worldwide.

Therefore, although meme projects may come and go, projects like CURE give investors a unique opportunity to see their funds change lives directly.

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