The general startup success is very low - 90% of them fail in the first 3 years. The two major reasons for failure cited by CB Insights are not establishing a real market need (42%) and  running out of cash (29%).

Every day, a new blockchain startup is born as more and more entrepreneurs connect the dots as to the significance of this emergent technology to affect almost every industry.

Investors’ Angel was founded in 2015 specifically to help startups prepare themselves to raise investment including companies like Vaultoro (Bitcoin/gold trading platform), BioSSL (a biometric security company) and BraveNewCoin.

What is Investors’ Angel?

Investors’ Angel has helped startups raise more than half a million dollars worth of funding and this number is growing every day.

According to Addy Crezee, the CEO of Investors’ Angel, the most significant problem that the company has to face is the low survivability of blockchain startups.

“I've been working in the Blockchain industry for more than 2 years and have seen a lot of brilliant startups appear on the scene with many disappearing just as quickly. This is largely because they run out of capital before their time has come. But Investors' Angel has a promise to make: we will give a chance to every Blockchain entrepreneur, and we'll make sure that you meet some of the most experienced Blockchain Investors that we know and have partnerships with.”

Helping startups get 'investor ready'

The main step towards solving that problem was to form a strategic partnership with Blockchain Angels, the world's largest angel & early stage VC network dedicated to blockchain.

Investors' Angel will perform due diligence and help startups get 'investor ready' passing deal-flow exclusively on to the Blockchain Angels network; entrepreneurs just have to leave their applications here.

Jamie Burke, the founder of Blockchain Angels, who has himself been investing in blockchain for over 3 years, says about the partnership:

''Due to the blockchain space being so nascent startups that aren't infrastructure, very transactional or Capital Markets focused have struggled to find early stage backing. This has meant most are self-financed through distracting consulting, personal savings or friends-and-family. If this continues to be the case it will continue to severely limit many ever getting to market.''

Blockchain-oriented startups wanted

At the moment, Investors’ Angel is selecting blockchain-oriented startups for two events which will soon be held by Blockchain Angels.

They plan their first virtual event on Thursday, May 12th, where people can RSVP via Meetup; and the other one will come a bit later, in June.

Investors’ Angel and Blockchain Angels Europe are ready to support the entire wide spectrum of industries where blockchain can be used to add value: e-commerce, insure-tech, supply-chains, gaming, IoT and many others.

Putting Europe at the heart of Blockchain ecosystem

Jamie Burke, Blockchain Angels Europe, explains:

“We have 400+ active investors from the beginning of this year alone. So there is huge appetite. Through partnerships I want this to be an investor community of 5000+ by the end of this year. We want to put Europe at the heart of the blockchain ecosystem and then take the initiative global.”

Companies who wish to attend the Blockchain Angel’ events, and appear before the largest community of blockchain investors in the world, should leave their applications here.