The Middle East is catching up with Bitcoin, as Iran’s National Center of Cyberspace (NCC) has been intensively working on the issue lately. At least, that’s what report from the Fars News Agency website suggests.

To get some things out of the way, I did not translate the text myself but used the translation given by coinsider on Reddit and compared it to google translate. Seemed legit enough.

The report

Judging by the translated version of the text, the Iranian government’s position regarding Bitcoin is quite positive, opposed to the “convenient” warning and disclaimer that is usually meant to scare potential users, so that officials could ignore the digital currencies further. The CEO of the Persian Shoes (online retailer), Mor Roghani was very positive on the subject:

“The fact that someone in the government has positive attitude toward bitcoin is fascinating. I think we will see more in the coming months.”

As commented by Saeed Mahdyoon, Iranian official involved with telecommunication and mass media, the regulation is needed not only to minimize the risks but also to gain something out of the trend.

The credibility of the report is ought to be high, as commented by CoinAva’s (Bitcoin exchange in Iran) spokesperson, Fars News Agency has an information source in government. However, he has doubts about this being an official position of Iranian government, more like a test-run of the idea to see the community’s reaction.