Bitcoin in its turn for explanation of the working process of the technology promulgates the meeting with federal regulations last week. Answering to this survey, the user bannedagain accused (blamed) that Bitcoin is not a currency at all. One user told that Bitcoin is a system for payments, or profiteering or even a type of discounted cards but the one only thing that it cannot be is a currency.

Such opinion caused a long conversation with proposed evidence, touching the topic of distinctions between the terms barter, legal tender and currency. Such differences cannot be called academically. Actually, there is good planned meeting of federal officials, having the important conversation and discussion behind closed doors.

Another view of this topic was given by the man from the same sphere of activity, who wrote the publications about “High profile GAO Report”, where he pointed out the absence of working conditions of software patents”. On the opposite side, another active user Zosima argued with this point of view and offered another one. He told about his preference to a term of protective because it makes monopoly limited until the starting of the process of recouping the investments. He mentioned about his aspiration of promoting investing through patents and added that without much investment there will not be enough protection. Moreover, a lot of software patents contribute new ideas in spite of the deserving of a 20-year imposing of the monopoly by the government.

After writing an article about slight edge between metadata and content, Tim got an answer (message) from the user REUSSERE. He wrote that the simplest way to check a trivial workaround for tracking metadata is to use the disposable phone. He noticed that low prices(approximately 20 bucks) and easy availability (they are sold everywhere), make him think about truly effectiveness of the NSA program.