A collective of local leaders in the cryptocurrency space have joined together ​​to establish Crypto Aid Israel, a global fundraiser to help displaced Israeli citizens in need of humanitarian aid. The collective includes 42Studio, MarketAcross, Collider Ventures, CryptoJungle, Nilos, Blockchain B7, Efficient Frontier, Ironblocks, the Israel Blockchain Association and Bits of Gold as well as Cointelegraph.

The ongoing and unfolding conflict has taken a heavy toll on the region’s civilian population, with casualties currently estimated in the thousands.

A recent report from Israeli news source Haaretz indicates that the attacks on Israel have resulted in the deaths of at least 700 Israelis and the wounding of nearly 2,400 wounded. In Gaza, a reported 560 Palestinians have died and over 2,700 wounded.

According to CryptoJungle CEO Ben Samocha, Crypto Aid Israel’s aim is to provide immediate help for those affected:

“We hope to raise the necessary funds to provide food and shelter for families who lost their homes. We are also hoping to provide hygiene and medical products for the bombarded Israeli civilian populace.”

Crypto Aid Israel is hosting a multisignature wallet, overseen by luminaries in the local Web3 community. Those wanting to donate and help the cause can visit the website here.

Per a press release, Crypto Aid Israel’s creators are urging those who want to help to be cautious when it comes to verifying that their aid is going to the right wallet:

“It is incredibly important to consider before donating that due to potential phishing scams and cyber attacks, please compare the crypto wallet address to the verified one on the official website, so that funds aren’t sent to addresses that may have been sent to you through other sources.”
The Crypto Aid Israel initiative supports both Bitcoin and Ether donations. 

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