Personal Details

James Tate, born 1970, currently living in Wichita, Kansas


Currently attending the College of Engineering at Wichita State University; studying physics and computer engineering with a focus on AI

Professional experience and achievement

James describes himself as “a born entrepreneur.” His professional experience has focused largely on sales, which most recently included home improvement sales. He has since put that career on hold to pursue science and technology, which he describes as his true passions.


Freedom, science, technology, sci-fi, philosophy and “just about any subject that I can spend time debating with knowledgeable individuals or contemplating deeply.”

First experience with cryptocurrencies

James started mining Bitcoin in April 2013, after which he started the SolarWind Mining Company.

Role In the Bitcoin community

James started the SolarWind Mining Company to empower the average person to participate in cryptocurrencies. This includes having the company build a hosted mining hashing exchange to provide a trading platform for mining power that will allow the hash owners to make their ROI on a consistent bases.