Personal Details
Jeff Berwick, born 1970, currently living in Edmonton, Canada
School of Hard Knocks, still enrolled
Professional experience and achievement 
Jeff founded Canada’s largest website,, in 1994. The company reached a total market cap of $240 million by 2000 and had more than 300 staff in eight countries around the world.  
In 2010, he also founded The Dollar Vigilante, a financial website and newsletter dedicated to covering the upcoming collapse of the US dollar. 
Jeff founded TDV Media & Services LLC, an umbrella company that offers a number of freedom-oriented services and publications including TDV Passports, the largest global provider of second-citizenship services; TDV Offshore, a provider of offshore banking and corporation solutions; and TDV Wealth Management, which helps high net worth individuals internationalize and secure their assets.  
Jeff is a regular on mainstream and alternative media, often discussing the dollar collapse and Bitcoin on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and RT. He also is a regular speaker at freedom, precious metals and Bitcoin conferences worldwide.
Libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, Austrian economics, truth seeking
First experience with cryptocurrencies
Jeff says he first became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 and began writing about it at The Dollar Vigilante when the exchange rate was around $7. Jeff has long argued that fiat currencies are set to collapse in the next decade, and people always responded with a question about what could take the place of fiat. Bitcoin provided one such answer (along with gold and silver, among other unforeseen solutions).
He is excited about its potential over time and hopes to see the rest of the world waking up to it.
Role in the Bitcoin community
Jeff has been very active in the Bitcoin community and in media. He says mainstream media often call him when they have a Bitcoin story that requires comment. He also writes about Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante and speaks about the currency at conferences worldwide, including one in Spanish in Mexico City. He has been involved in other projects, as well, including the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin ATM.