Personal Details

Joseph Lee, born 1984, currently living in London


BSc (Hons) Computer Science & E-Business from Loughborough University

Professional experience and achievement

Joe oversaw the real-time monitoring of Barclays Bank’s global server infrastructure in its business intelligence division. Later, he moved to Sydney, where he worked at an Australian investment bank, Macquarie Group. During his tenure at Macquarie, he worked in financial regulatory reporting, managing a system responsible for delivering regulatory and compliance information to global regulators.

After learning about Bitcoin and its disruptive potential, Joe decided to apply his knowledge to building professional and trustworthy financial services for Bitcoin. He launched shortly after.


Disruptive technology, economics, socioeconomics

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Joe first came across Bitcoin in 2011 at a price of $2 a piece. At the time, with no major exchanges, he saw an opportunity to arbitrage across brokers using bots. His bots were responsible for shifting up to 10% of entire market volume in the market’s early days of growth, which saw a huge injection of liquidity. Since then, he re-wrote various Technical Analysis trading bots to gain a return on investment which outpaced the markets natural growth by significant multiples. After quitting his day job to focus on Bitcoin full time, those profits became's initial investment.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Joe is a Bitcoin Foundation member and advocate, an active member of the community and regular speaker in the media. His coverage extends to Bitcoin conferences around the world, where he recently presented about Bitcoin’s trading landscape from a financial expert’s opinion in both Hong Kong, Singapore and London.