“Bitcoin will allow us to shape the world without having to ask for permission.” - Julia Tourianski

That is just one of a 1000 messages resonating from the second wave of Bitcoin believers and the one that is starting to create a stir is Julia Tourianski of Brave The World

If you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry, you soon will because she is not going to stop spreading the message for Humanity’s Freedom & Independence using her favorite weapon: Bitcoin.  This second wave of young, energetic and passionate voices were not early adaptors, and they are not Developers, nor do they have any corporate or political connections; they are just ordinary global citizens who understand the world and the role the Blockchain was meant to play in it.

“The saddest thing about the Bitcoin regulations is as soon as they budge in our direction, there will be praise & pandering”

Julia’s energy and beauty lit up The NYC Bitcoin Center where she made a surprise appearance last week right after her guest appearance on the Keiser Report.  The interview with Max was just one of her numerous stops in the promotion of The Declaration Of Bitcoin’s Independence Video which has already been viewed by thousands.

In the last few weeks she has been featured in numerous interview and articles including:

She also assisted with the creation of the 1994 IntLicense, a replication of the NYDFS attempt to regulate Bitcoin. By simply replaying a few words that had to do with ‘Virtual Currency’ to ‘Virtual Communication,’ the average person can now see what might have happened if innovation was restricted when the internet was just a fad.

We caught up with Julia while she was in NY to ask her some questions on her initiatives and the state of Bitcoin.

Cointelegraph:  What was the final straw that made you drop everything and work on The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence video, besides the obvious regulation proposals in NY?

Julia Tourianski: I began the project before the BitLincense surfaced. Life imitates art? Anyways, it turned out to be very timely, but to answer your question: Bitcoin seduced me very recently, on the cusp of all the debate and animosity. I came into it radically with maybe naïve, but pure ideas. I’ve kept most of those ideas, so the straw was broken from the start.

CT: What is your favorite quote from those featured in the video? And why?

JT:  “Bitcoin is the ghost outside the machine,” because it is. Hopefully it will stay that way. Plus, it makes dope shirts.

CT: Is there anything you would like to say to the Bitcoin Organizations that are working with the Government? (Please try to keep it clean)

JT: Why are we having centralized powers discuss Bitcoin decentralization? Why do we crave these entities? Why are we appropriating Bitcoin into the same systems that have historically corrupted everything? And I will not apologize for sweeping them all under one criticism.

I know the arguments:

1.     They pay developers - There are other ways. The community is rich in every sense of the word. I think the developers would be supported either way. And I’m not talking about altruism here; I’m saying people who do vital work in this sphere will be paid because we value their work; the money doesn’t have to be funneled through an organization.

2.     They raise money for important projects & help expand the crypto-currency ecosystem - Investors will always exist. There’s crowd funding. These organizations are made up of people. It’s people who build the ecosystem, and they don’t need a title or a group to do it. One could argue that having a powerhouse like the Foundation helps move things along, and oil the machine if you will, but that's exactly what we don't want; another machine. I'll take bitcoin developing at a slower rate if it reduces the risk of being tainted by special interests from its infancy. 

3.     They negotiate with the forces that we all dislike (i.e. Regulators, Governments in general) - The government is just a huge terrorist organization, and have we not learned to not negotiate with terrorists?

These are private organizations with private money. They can do what they like. But to deny that they could become dangerous is to deny their very nature. Their funding always has interests tied to it. And just because there are a lot of good people within them, doesn’t mean that their concealed power wont be abused.

CT: Those were very strong words, now how about comments to the Companies that are somewhat ok with the majority of the regulations and ready to comply?

JT: Have fun in NYC Coinbase!

CT: Anything comments directly for Ben Lawsky?  (of the NY Department of Financial Services)

JT: Blockchain = protocol = language = speech

CT: What are your plans in the next few months as far as getting more people on board with the message for Bitcoin's independence? Any more big projects in the works?

JT: I’ve been enamored with ideology and philosophy. So now it’s time to contribute something more pragmatic. Plan so far: educate people on the importance of holding their own private keys. Start a series called “Our Crypto Future”, exploring both practical and revolutionary applications of Blockchain technology.

Collaborate with some individuals much smarter than myself on ideas that may improve the current bitcoin environment. Oh, and work on a huge bitcoin painting. Should be fun!

CT: Do you have anything else to add?

JT: Bitcoin is the first real opportunity we have to escape the feedback loop. Let’s not waste it.


We dare you to keep up with Julia as she continues the up-hill battle in educating the public that Bitcoin was created to “Free All Of Us” by subscribing to her YouTube Channel, Reading her blog “Brave The World,” or Following her on Twitter.

If you agree with Julia’s battle, feel free to donate to the cause: 14WPGDHE7JLsd2kRA8ko8RQr6FFmsS8NFu

Personal Note form Tone Vays: Julia is a great person to be around and wish her the best on her travels across the world spreading the message of Independence.  Keep on fighting and just bring people to reality one by one.

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