Personal Details 

Lasse Birk Olesen, born 1987, currently living in Copenhagen 


Bachelor of Engineering from Technical University of Denmark and National University of Singapore 

Professional experience and achievement 

Lasse is the founder of one of the first and largest European Bitcoin brokers, Bitcoin Nordic, and the first Bitcoin broker in the Philippines, Lasse blogs about technology and society for the largest financial newspaper in Denmark. 


Virtual reality, seasteading, space exploration, 3D printing and other technologies with political implications, powerlifting, and dark chocolate 

First experience with cryptocurrencies 

Lasse discovered Bitcoin in early 2011, bought a couple from an exchange, and paid a freelance graphics artist to do a portrait of him for 1 BTC. 

Role in the Bitcoin community 

Entrepreneur, communicator, and educator Lasse has aided the Danish Bankers Association with a description of Bitcoin in material intended for the Danish national bank and introduced Bitcoin to the Danish tax council and the Bangko Sentral of the Philippines.