It is not supposed that Sheridans is a household name for the most of us, but one of its main clients one could definitely hear about – the Mojang Company, better known as the developer of the popular game Minecraft. Actually, Sheridans Law Firm is ranked very high in the world and especially in Britain among similar offices providing legal advice and services on the matters of media and entertainment. Now, the keeper of traditions from London is willing to expand its and its customer’s options by adding Bitcoin to the lineup of payment methods.

Being honest, the decision is not surprising as the branch of activity of Sheridans features many enterprises involved in the Bitcoin community. The most customers having online business are more or less regular virtual coin users. According to Eitan Jankelewitz, a technology lawyer of group, there are already dozens of clients willing to pay in Bitcoin. He claimed:

“[The decision] is driven by an understanding at Sheridans that there’s no reason not to. I don’t see any reason for a retailer, or a service provider like us, not to accept Bitcoin.”

The mentioned pool of enterprises from the Bitcoin community include the manufacturers of mining equipment, wallet operators, exchange platforms, investors and even merchants already accepting the coin in their everyday routine. All of them have the biggest part of their turnover and income listed in Bitcoin, and they are searching for a way to pay the most raw materials and services, including legal advice, with the same currency.

The statistics gathered by Mr. Jankelewitz show that these companies seek for expertise and evaluation in the field of terms and conditions agreements. He adds:

“The first thing people want to do is start making money, so the first thing we do is get them their standard terms of business.”

The associate in the Digital Media Group has met no resistance to his idea from his colleagues. Even the auditors and specialists in the questions of anti-money laundering see no complications or illicit in the decision. Although he has not mentioned the company that will process the payments, Mr. Jankelewitz reassured the auditory that all collected coins will be immediately converted to fiat money, the sterling pounds.   

The Sheridans Firm is recognized among its competitors in the field of media and entertainment, but it is not among the members of the “Magic Circle”. Still it has gained appreciation and occupies a high place in the Legal 500 ranking, comprehending boards from all around the world.

At present times the most important legal aspects of Bitcoin considered in the United Kingdom are the tax authority’s treatment of the digital currency, registration by exchanges under money laundering regulations and banking safeguards for consumers. The step spread by the Sheridans might be small for the form itself, but, maybe, it will turn into a giant leap for the whole society?