The world at large has already made a transition to the internet, spending an increased amount of time online. However, the way the internet is currently set up, there will always be a gap in experiencing the full range of human connections on screen. While this might be true, the next version of the internet, the metaverse, has hinted towards several possibilities that exist only in the digital world, such as making experiences and “luxury” products available to the poor and promoting the concept of sustainability with more efficient ways to achieve one’s passions. These achievements may sound lofty, but they are more in reach now than ever before. 

Many prominent players in the tech industry have risen to the challenge to define what the metaverse may look like, experimenting with concepts such as the mirror world or creating entirely new storylines to engage human interest. With the concept in place, the only missing piece becomes the foundation or launchpad to bring these digital worlds to life. In practice, this role would require the alignment of new metaverse projects to derive more value to the end-user.

Filling this gap is Morpheus Labs, a leader in Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaas). With experience in infrastructure and several various blockchain protocols, the team is said to be no stranger to the metaverse, a reality further made clear with their core product ML SEED-Sandbox.

Armed with the necessary capabilities, the platform enables developers and other businesses to take advantage of the diverse capabilities the metaverse has to offer. Through the proprietary platform, creators and other developers can use blockchain technology to create projects involving token issuance and NFT creation while maintaining a high level of security.

To achieve this, Morpheus Labs combines the strength of several well-known industry players to create the strongest ecosystem a metaverse project can leverage. 

A metaverse brought to life

The Morpheus Labs team has recently signed a deal with Vistas Media Capital (VMC) in an agreement that would allow their team to utilize the ML Seed platform in the future development of metaverse solutions. 

Abhayanand Singh, CEO and co-founder of Vistas Media Capital shares,

“We are pleased to partner with Morpheus Lab in the development of India’s First Metaverse, with the vision of creating a city of the future, where Netizens and Brand Partners can create a personal footprint, socialize, earn and be engaged in the many events and activities within.”

This quote only represents one of the partnerships the team plans to pursue. Morpheus Labs has shared that an overwhelming response has already been evident in the idea of connecting the brightest minds in the largest launchpad in Asia.

Currently, other familiar names leveraging the ML Seed-Sandbox include Autumn Interactive, a team specializing in delivering new gaming experiences, which will be done through the metaverse, alongside the Asian Token Fund and Tiny Island.

Ken Nizam, co-founder of Asia Token Fund and Two Monkey Juice Bar Metaverse, underlines the potential of this opportunity “to explore the metaverse space with a reputable blockchain project like Morpheus Labs through their versatile MLSeed (Sandbox) Metaverse solutions.”

Meanwhile, David Kwok of Tiny Island Production shares, 

"We are very grateful to have this relationship with Morpheus Labs. They have been a great advisor. They will definitely be a great help in building our Metaverse project. Furthermore, the team at Morpheus Labs and Tiny Island Production share common partners like HUAWEI CLOUD and the macro goals are aligned with each other." 

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As a result of these efforts, projects will accelerate their visibility with marketing efforts from any number of community members as a part of a greater end-to-end support system. Subsequently, teams interested in developing sustainable communities or employing powerful marketing strategies will find the resources they need to succeed.

Kickstarting the sandbox

The team behind Morpheus Labs has reported success in the HUAWEI CLOUD APAC joint launchpad, inspiring names including 0Chain, Geeq and to rally behind it.

With strong foundations, the next 12 months hold the kickstart of sandbox solutions planning to hold a larger symposium in 2022, where Morpheus Labs will join intelligent industry speakers within the blockchain metaverse, sharing both insights and keynotes.

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