Bitcoin is gaining ground not only with enthusiasts and pundits, but has been increasingly gaining interest from mainstream media including Wall Street Journal.

With its rising popularity, Bitcoin is now being seen as an alternative investment to stocks and bonds. The recent article by a major Dutch newspaper seemingly recommends the idea of buying Bitcoin.

Mixed reactions

Reddit user DDelphinus hails the article as positive news for Bitcoin which portrays the digital currency as a groundbreaking technology. The article points out that Bitcoin is no longer just for techies, but is slowly moving into the mainstream.

Reddit user EnaiSiaion says:

"Bitcoin is a tool for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants You don't want a world where bitcoin is the main currency. Governments may be bad, but anarcho-capitalism is many times worse. It is, however the direction in which the world is moving, so I'm hedging against a manufactured fiat crisis.”

Giving ordinary people power

The same message was also published on NRC’s website, saying Bitcoin investors are no longer merely comprised of anarchist adventurers. The article also states that Bitcoin’s record breaking performance has contributed to its rising popularity.

“Those who look [more closely] also see a groundbreaking new technology taken by banks, lawyers, multinationals, notaries and governments very seriously”.

Although the total number of Bitcoin users may not be as high as other investment vehicles at this stage, Bitcoin is slowly becoming another option for those who want to secure profits from their investments.