Man Who Claims to Be Ethereum’s Godfather Aims at Recasting Smart Contracts

Computer scientist, Yanislav Malahov and self-styled anarcho-capitalist, Andreas Kohl aim at recasting the foundations of today’s smart contracts.

With this aim in mind, they have created a software company called Aeternity. According to Malahov, it aims at increasing the speed, reliability and scalability of Blockchains by processing smart contracts in state channels, similar to side-chains. In most existing systems, all computations are performed on the main chain.

“Our Blockchain can give the people of this planet greater access to financial tools that can be scaled up, don’t crash or slow down,” Malahov says. “Aeternity also will allow real-world information to flow into the Blockchain, without relying on centralized sources.”

Libertarian paradise

Malahov established Aeternity in Liechtenstein in November after a chance encounter with the Principality’s Prince Michael at a tax conference in Germany. The prince, who Malahov said expressed an intellectual interest in Blockchain technology, suggested Malahov meet Andreas Kohl, a self-styled anarcho-capitalist and libertarian.

Malahov learned from Kohl and local regulators about the Liechtenstein’s banking industry and decided to establish Aeternity in the principality.

“There is a level of mutual transparency, accountability, and trust between entrepreneurs and government that you cannot get anywhere else,” said Kohl, who describes Liechtenstein as a libertarian utopia.

Godfather of Ethereum claims

Over the past six years, Malahov has collaborated with leading thinkers on cryptocurrencies and Blockchains, including Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin, co-founders of Switzerland-based Ethereum.

In a 2015 blog post, Malahov dubbed himself the “Godfather” of Ethereum. The post included a transcript of an instant-messaging conversation with Buterin to prove his crypto-linea