Personal Details 

Marco Streng, born in 1989 in Germany, currently living in Munich. 
Streng studied mathematics and physics at the LMU in Munich with a focus in emerging and self-organising networks. 
First experience in crypto-currencies 
Streng’s first experience in crypto-currencies was back in 2011, when he used his laptop to mine Bitcoin. 
He says he was pretty fascinated by this technology and started to combine his research in mathematics with the theoretical aspects of Bitcoin. After doing graphical analysis of the Blockchain, he became curious about other crypto-currencies, starting with Litecoin. Since then, Streng has been interested in the structure of the altcoin market and especially the different economic components and potentials of altcoins. 
Role in the Bitcoin community 
Since discovering Bitcoin’s potential and disruptive properties, Streng has worked on new ideas to support its success, as well as the success of crypto-currencies in general. 
At the end of 2013, he and his partners founded Genesis Mining, which allows users to mine Litecoin and other Scrypt-based crypto-currencies without having to build rigs of their own. Genesis Mining is now the largest Scrypt hashpower provider.