Weekend Roundup: MasterCard Deploys 'P2P' Payments Service in the US, Bloomberg Issues Bitcoin Report

MasterCard Announces Centralized ‘P2P’ Payments

MasterCard has announced its so-called peer-to-peer debit-card-based remittance service, dubbed MasterCard Send.

The system, which is being deployed first in the U.S., is designed to allow transactions between “banked and unbanked consumers,” including international and domestic payments at a near-instant speed, rather than the several days required with the traditional bank clearing system.

Danish Exchange Unveils Next-Gen Bitcoin Debit ‘NanoCard’

Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK), a Danish virtual currency bourse (a European stock exchange), has announced a launch of its "next-generation" payment card, a MasterCard-backed bitcoin debit card dubbed NanoCard.

"Users will be able to use the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard to pay for goods and services in restaurants and shops as well as online. They can also be used at ATMs worldwide. It requires no verification, allowing users to remain anonymous."

Bloomberg Report Points Finger at Hoarders for Bitcoin’s Low Price

Bloomberg has released the latest edition in its Bloomberg Briefs series, this time focusing on bitcoin and its future.

The special report features opinion from industry figures, along with limited editorial content and informational data.

Bloomberg’s Noah Smith offered his take on Bitcoin’s mainstream entry hurdles, stating:

“The sooner people give up the hope that bitcoin will skyrocket in price, the sooner they will be willing to spend bitcoins in everyday life, the way they now spend dollars.” 

6 Rising FinTech Startups

Many FinTech startups have emerged since 2013, with products that target sectors that are poorly supported by traditional financial institutions, such as student loans, asset management, stock brokerage, and small business and merchants loans.

Here are the six startups that you should watch in 2015:

  • Sofi: a San Francisco