Danish virtual currency bourse the Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK) has announced a launch of its next-generation payment card, the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard.

CCEDK says only one other exchange globally - Bit-x - currently offers the card, which can be used on any certified exchange and is available in dollars and euros and funded instantly by the crypto balance of each customer.

Bitcoin Debit NanoCard

Users will be able to use the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard to pay for goods and services in restaurants and shops as well as online. They can also be used at ATMs worldwide. It requires no verification, allowing users to remain anonymous.

CCEDK CEO, Ronny Boesing, said he was proud the company had been able to establish a partnership with Bit-x and be able to offer a project such as this after only a year of existence. He also surmised that the reason for the “NanoCard” name being used is “to differentiate a card for Crypto currency users” compared to their conventional gold card offering.

CCEDK CEO, Ronny Boesing

Unlike other bitcoin or prepaid cards in the market, however, the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard takes bitcoin funds directly from the user’s wallet at the exact moment payment or cash is needed. Boesing:

“It is an innovative and revolutionary game-changer to the world of crypto currency.”

He also added that it has huge potential to disrupt the money transfer industry, offering low fees and real-time transactions. More new features and special projects are also expected from CCEDK in the coming months, including a three-month period of commission free trading.

“We have also introduced a new feature offering users the possibility of reduced trading fees based on trading activity, and it is possible to reach as low as 0.01% in trading commission,” he said.

NuBits and other crypto support

CCEDK is also planning to implement other digital currencies that will also be supported on the card in addition to bitcoin.

“The ones getting a first shot at this will be the currencies supporting the exchange with liquidity, the way a currency like Nubits has done successfully so far,” he said, adding:

“We expect therefore to offer Nubits as the first cryptocurrency to be supported by the Debit NanoCard MasterCard and then other currencies on the exchange like BitUSD, NXT and LTC.”

In the meantime, other coins can be exchanged for bitcoin on the exchange.

Generally, Boesing believes the card will reduce the friction of going from crypto to fiat, enabling seamless transactions in fiat from customers’ crypto balances. Signups are taking place now for the card, which will undergo integration into the exchange during the next four weeks before being delivered to users in mid-June.

For more information and to sign up for the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard, go here