As Max Keiser stated at the beginning of the interview, the name “Mellon” for decades has been associated with traditional banks and financial systems. However, Matthew Mellon does not subscribe to this supposed legacy as he works hard to reign in the Bitcoin future that many people now await.

Heretic or Pioneer?

Matthew Mellon is the Chairman of the New York Republican Party’s Finance Committee, an entrepreneur and a hard-boiled Bitcoin enthusiast. “Innovation is endless with Bitcoin,” was the first opinion expressed by Mellon in the interview.

Max Keiser pointed out that all of the Bitcoin's features go “against everything people don’t like about traditional banks”. So, what do others think of Mellon? Is he a black sheep or a prophet among the financial bosses in Manhattan?


Smiling at the question, Mellon reiterates what we at Cointelegraph have been telling readers for the past half a year. Bitcoin is a massive game-changer, although no one quite knows where it will lead. Everywhere he looks, he sees that people are still looking at New York, as the finance center of the world, for guidance.

According to the entrepreneur, Bitcoin is not welcome in New York for the time being, as the traditional banking system is deeply rooted in the city's culture, but things are about to change.

At least that what Mellon believes as he sees current types of payment being atavisms of the current system. He considers paper and metal money to be unhygienic. And, according to him, credit cards are also on their last legs.