Personal Details 

Michal Wendrowski, born 1988, currently living in Zielona Góra, Poland.

Professional experience and achievement 

Michal is the inventor of Rublon, an internet security layer, and an online marketing specialist. His first online venture was already profitable in 1999 when he was 11 years old. He created websites in German, English and Polish, which generated over ten million page views per month. 

Over the course of several years in the domain name business, he took over more than 1000 domain names and created, a website that aggregates sales of Polish domain names. Having gathered valuable experiences in Germany and the United States, he returned to Poland to concentrate on innovating the Internet. 


Internet technologies, IT security, online marketing, economics. 

First experience with cryptocurrencies 

Michal bought his first Bitcoins on BitBay in 2014. 

Role in the Bitcoin community 

Michal is the founder and inventor of Rublon, an internet security layer that protects users against intruders who have discovered their passwords that is being used by hundreds of web systems from 24-plus countries. Among them are Bitcoin exchanges like BitBay

Michal is also an active propagator of Bitcoin at technology conferences and meetups. He is the organizer of Bitcoin Day in Poland.