Play-to-earn has taken the world by storm — and now, financial incentives are being extended to fitness apps.

A motivational fitness social application has been created that boasts GameFi elements — encouraging users to put on their NFT sneakers and enjoy the fresh air.

AMAZY says its ambition is to get people to step away from their screens — and given how crypto enthusiasts tend to be heavy tech users, this can be no bad thing.

The project's campaign is already getting momentum — and support from influencers, celebrities and bloggers alike. Collectively, these stars have a total audience of more than one billion subscribers.

According to AMAZY, many move-to-earn applications suffer from a high degree of centralization, which isn't healthy in the long run. It wants to ensure all NFT interactions are moved to the blockchain, and a DAO has been established so users can vote on proposals to improve the game further.

A degree of exclusivity

For years now, sneakers have been regarded as a status symbol — with limited-edition drops selling for thousands of dollars. We're already starting to see this translate into virtual worlds, with major sportswear brands embracing blockchain technology in an attempt to reach younger users.

AMAZY plans to produce exclusive NFT sneakers, some of which will come in collaboration with celebrities, offering eye-catching collectibles that users won't find anywhere else. Those NFTs will be a digitized copy of physical ones worn by someone famous — creating a whole new level of connection with fans.

AMAZY was announced in May 2022. The closed beta version is now being tested by influencers who backed the project at an early stage. The open beta will appear in stores in June 2022, as well as the launchpads and exchange listings.

Efforts to attract more influencers are already underway — and founders firmly believe that NFT drops from big names have the potential to draw millions of new users into this space.

Looking ahead to next year, AMAZY plans to boast a vibrant ecosystem of move-to-earn, SocialFi and GameFi — not to mention an NFT marketplace and metaverse.

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How move-to-earn works

The premise of move-to-earn is very simple: the more exercise a user does in the real world, the more AMT (AMAZY Movement Token) they will receive in compensation.

Co-founder Sergey Kosenko said his project aims to break new ground and offer a hub where influencers can inspire their followers to lead healthy lifestyles. He added: "We are making a Realverse — a whole ecosystem where offline and online intertwine."

Kosenko is a well-known influencer with a following of 5.5 million on Instagram, more than 150,000 in the crypto community, and extensive experience working with Tier 1 celebrities and bloggers. Joining him is Artem Nikolaev, who is well-known for being the co-founder of Azur Games — a company that has seen its apps amass 2.5 billion installs around the globe to date.

Azur Games is also playing a crucial role in the creation of AMAZY, thanks to its mobile game development experience.

Within the app, you can walk or jog in exchange for rewards — and users have the freedom to buy, sell or rent NFT sneakers within a marketplace. You can start earning if you own a pair of these sneakers and you're moving around with your GPS mode on according to the specific algorithm. Each pair of shoes comes in vibrant colors and is ranked based on four attributes: performance, fortune, joy and durability. The initial price of the sneakers pair is expected to be around $100.

So… who's among the star-studded list of celebrities and artists who have embraced AMAZY? They include the model and entrepreneur Brody Jenner, Hall of Fame baseball player Ken Griffey, Grammy-winning songwriter Dallas Austin, and supermodel Valery Kaufman.

AMAZY is available to everyone with zero barriers to entry. And as it gears up for launch, it wants crypto enthusiasts to start feeling bullish about their health and help crypto newbies get up to speed.

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