The notorious Mark Karpeles, CEO of Mt Gox, was released on bail yesterday after paying nearly $100,000 prior to being released, according to Japanese media.

In 2014, the now-defunct bitcoin exchange, Mt Gox, collapsed after it was reported that it had lost hundreds of millions of dollars in customers bitcoins.

Karpeles can’t leave Japan

According to Japanese news outlet, News24, Karpeles paid around $100,000 with the condition that he wasn’t to leave Japan once on bail.

Since the collapse of Mt Gox, Karpeles was reportedly arrested twice last year in connection with the investigation after police suspected that he had embezzled around $3 million of customers money. He was charged last September and was held in a detention house in Toyko until his recent bail release.

The video from News24 depicts a much thinner Mark Karpeles than the one many are used to seeing; however, with his newfound freedom many will be wondering what exactly the infamous Karpeles will do now.

What he’s up to now?

David Duccini, information security consultant and serial entrepreneur, said to Cointelegraph:

“Bail is good, so that he’s free to roam, be watched, and caught in the act [of] doing something bad again.”

What do you think of Mark Karpeles being released on bail? Do you think he’s turned over a new leaf?