The oldest and just a few month ago, the most respected Bitcoin exchange has relieved a BTC price that had not been seen since the beginning of the July 2013.

That’s right the Tokyo stationed Bitcoin giant really had some rough time lately. Since the moment when it closed all the possible gates to withdraw money from it, the price per Bitcoin has been falling down and this Saturday it reached the mark of 99 US dollars for one digital coin.

Even though last Monday ( 17th ) they had issued a statement where clearly informed users that they already had the solution and it’s just a matter of time, there were no news about any single bitcoin withdrawn and so the exchange rate continued to go down.

However, that said there is seen the light in the end of the tunnel, as just at the time I’m writing this article, the price is slowly getting higher and the Bitcoin are flowing out of the Mt.Gox! I was actually surprised to see this, as I set to write this article to complain about the unfulfilled promises of the BTC market and the avoidance of guilt but unsteady flow of the Coin out of the exchange warms my heart.

I guess we need to sit this out, to see what’s going to happen next. Will Mt.Gox get its reputation back or the users of the bitcoin trade will simply drain it to the bone? I hope not, this trial of both the user patience and network’s sturdiness has taught us to believe in Bitcoin and the community rather than abandon what was broken on the way to success.

So, if you have digital coins kept on the Gox you can now you can finally get them out. We Cointelegraph here just hope that it won’t bring the exchange down and it would only arise from its ashes as a phoenix bird.