New Businesses Accepting Bitcoin: Rakuten Logistics US, CloudFlare, Radical.FM and More

We've seen Subway franchises, clothing stores, and payment platforms recently starting to accept Bitcoin. Can it get any better than this? Absolutely! Let's see some more businesses keen on entering the fascinating world of cryptocurrency.

CloudFlare Plans on Accepting Bitcoin

Website optimization company, CloudFlare, has recently announced that it might start accepting Bitcoin. The announcement was made by Matthew Prince on a Reddit post, in May. When another Reddit user asked when they will accept payments by PayPal, Prince replied:

"A complete reworking of billing is scheduled for Q3. That will include PayPal (and Bitcoin)."

CloudFlare is a company that operates exclusively online. It specializes in helping websites run smoother, so it makes sense that they would consider Bitcoin for transactions sometime in the time. The cryptocurrency is more commonly known as "the currency of the Internet," considering it was created with the World Wide Web in mind. The announcement has stirred things up on Reddit, and many users were excited that CloudFlare will finally make a move towards cryptocurrency.

Medical Equipment Dealer supports and accepts Bitcoin

Increasingly more companies are embracing the cryptocurrency movement. But when unexpected businesses show interest, it suggests that the Bitcoin phenomenon is already spilling over to new markets. 

Respiratory equipment dealer, Medical Support Products, has just released a press release mentioning that they're now accepting payments by Bitcoin for medical supplies and equipment. With over 25 years of experience in the field, the company writes:

"Medical Support Products expects Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies to continue to rapidly grow in popularity. The decision to accept Bitcoin, keeps Medical Support Products ahead of the curve of payment technology."

The company explained why they adopted the cryptocurrency mentioning that customers need an easy, fast, and convenient payment system along with the incredibly low fees Bitcoin has, which basically means that international customers won't have to pay colossal commissions to purchase medical supplies.

Rakuten Super Logistics U.S accepts Bitcoin

Formerly known as Webgistix, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S has just started accepting Bitcoin via BitPay. The company offers order fulfillment services for retailers, and because they had many customer requests for cryptocurrency adoption, they decided to give Bitcoin a chance. Referring to those emerging market who don't want to use online payment facilities and credit cards, CEO for Rakuten Super Logistics U.S says:

“We are working to apply this new technology to the benefit of market participants, especially those who can’t now easily access the global e-commerce marketplace.”

Japanese Pizza Place accepts Crypto

Founded in 2013, Japanese pizza place Two Dogs Taproom, serves impeccably crafted food and beer, in the most eclectic meeting spot in all Tokyo, Roppongi.

With over 20 beer varieties and delicious wood fired pizza, the Two Dogs Taproom now accepts Bitcoin. One Reddit user replied:

"Great place, craft beer, pizza, a pool table and Bitcoin!"

There's no doubt that Bitcoin is gaining tremendous popularity and businesses such as Two Dogs Taproom certainly understand that exchanging pizza and beer for Bitcoin could be a new recipe for success!

Metamorphosis Day Spa in New York City Accept Payments by Bitcoin

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Metamorphosis Day Spa claims to be the city's main relaxation center. Tho